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Martin’s Flag Company, Inc., with established nationwide sales since 1895, has been a sales leader in the wholesale and retail flag, flagpole and accessories industry for over fifty years. Martin’s specializes in sales of wholesale outdoor and indoor flags, outfits, and kits. United States flags and U.S. State flags are available in nylon and polyester. The American flag is also available to buy in cotton and rayon materials.

United States (American) Flags:

All of our United States are made in the USA.

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Let Martins Flag Company be your wholesale purchase supplier of flags for home, business, school classroom or church. We also specialize in the sales of foreign, US, military armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard), POW/MIA flags, Christian, Papal, confederate, historical, firefighter, marine, sports, patriotic and seasonal holiday flags. Our sales include digitally dyed and screen printed custom flags. You’ll find that the popular blue star service banner is available along with veteran memorial grave marker and spearhead flags.

We carry a full line of wood poles and aluminum indoor poles and outdoor flagpoles, and telescoping poles (telescopic to 20-feet). Residential and commercial flag poles come in various models and heights either with external or internal halyard flag pole systems.

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