Sentry Series Internal Halyard


Sentry flagpoles are made tough and built to last.  They are a great option for any commercial application.  Sentry flagpoles are equipped with the internally mounted “cam-action” cleat system inside a heavily reinforced access door frame assembly.  Having the rope on the inside of the flagpole helps to prevent theft of the flags, cutting of the rope and gives the pole a cleaner look.  The pole also comes with a revolving truck that will rotate, thus reducing your flag becoming tangled on the pole.  Prices include rope and all accessories: gold anodized aluminum ball top, chrome snaps, counterweight and retainer ring necessary to fly one flag.  If it is desired to fly two flags on the single halyard, you may order additional chrome snaps from the drop down box under each flagpole.  A galvanized steel ground sleeve and an aluminum collar are included with the flagpole as well.  The pole will come with detailed instructions for installation making the process to install very easy.  The standard finish is a satin finish.  We also offer anodized and powder coated finishes at an additional cost.  Give us a call at 800-992-3524 and we can give you a quote.

Go ahead and place your order online and we will call you with a quote for shipping typically the same day or the following business day.  These flagpoles ship via motor freight so the cost is constantly fluctuating.  When we call you with the quote you can still cancel at that time.  Most flagpoles are available to ship within 1-3 business days.  If you are ordering a pole that has a colored finish, please expect a delay in the shipping time frame.  Typically these kind of poles take 2-4 weeks for shipment.

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