10′ Tear Drop Custom Banner Flags

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitation banners.  Our 10 Foot custom tear drop banners are made with a quality 200 denier nylon material and are all made in the USA!  The banners are digitally printed meaning that the colors are dyed right into your banner giving it the best clarity and quality available.  These banners are of the highest quality you can find and the hardware is strong as nails.

These banners can be produced single sided which reads correct on one side and reverse on the other, or we can also produce them double sided so they read correct on both sides.  Single sided is typically used for logos and double is used when a message needs to be communicated.  These digital tear drop banners are a great way to add attention to your business and can be imprinted with any logo or design you wish to use.  Please use caution during high winds.  They measure 10′ tall including the pole with the actual banner measuring 97.5” Height X 41” Width.  Shipment usually occurs around 10 business days from artwork approval.

In order to produce your custom banner, we will need high resolution artwork. If image quality does not meet acceptable artwork standards, additional artwork charges may be applied.  Pantone Color numbers are highly recommeded for a close match to your desired color requirements.  Art charges are figured at $45.00 (if required) per hour and determined on a per order basis. 

Click here to see the Pantone Color Chart

You can order this banner in a kit or just the nylon banner.  The kit comes complete with the banner, pole, metal spike for ground installation and a carrying bag.  Ordering the banner only is only suggested for replacing existing tear drop banners.  You can also order an indoor stand and water bag if you would like to display your banner indoors

The number of colors of your custom design is not a factor in the cost of your tear drop banner.  We can produce any combination of colors that you would like.  Below is pricing based on banners that don’t incur any additional artwork charges.  If you would like a different size than what’s listed below, give us a call and we can make it happen.  Due to the high customization of these flags, please give us a call at 800-992-3524 and be connected directly with one of our knowledgeable sales people.  We can also give you a quote for shipping.

Single Sided Kit*Includes Pole, Banner, ground stake and bag    
Size1-2 Each3-5 Each6-11 Each12-24 Each25-49 Each50-99 Each
10 Ft. $279.00$259.00$245.00$235.00$225.00$205.00
Double Sided Kit

*Includes Pole, Banner, Ground Stake and bag

Size1-2 Each3-5 Each6-11 Each12-24 Each25-49 Each50-99 Each
10 Ft.$449.00$429.00$415.00$379.00$359.00$319.00
Single Sided Banner Only      
Size1-2 Each3-5 Each6-11 Each12-24 Each25-49 Each50-99 Each
10 Ft. $169.00$159.00$149.00$139.00$129.00$119.00
Double Sided Banner Only    
Size1-2 Each3-5 Each6-11 Each12-24 Each25-49 Each50-99 Each
10 Ft.$329.00$315.00$305.00$289.00$279.00$275.00
Size1-2 Each3-5 Each6-11 Each12-24 Each25-49 Each50-99 Each
Indoor Stand$64.00$62.00$58.00$56.00$54.00$52.00
Weighted Water Bag$21.00$21.00$21.00$19.00$18.00$17.00
Replacement Pole$104.00$100.00$95.00$93.00$90.00$85.00
Carrying Bag$21.00$20.00$19.00$18.00$17.00$16.00
Ground Stake$27.00$25.00$23.00$21.00$19.00$17.00