We are proud to offer you the following reproductions of flags used during the Revolutionary War era.  These flags, chosen for their historical significance and attractive appearance, are perfect for a multitude of applications.  The combination of screen dyeing and skillful sewing provides these flags with outstanding quality, durability and authenticity.  They are made with a high quality, densely woven nylon material that sheds water extremely well and will stay looking new.

We also have flags available from the beginning 13 star flag all the way up until the standard 50 star flag.  These flags are perfectly acceptable to fly at any time of year as a reminder to our history.  They can also be hung up in your house or business.  They come with a white heading and grommets.  They are made of either a high quality cotton or nylon material.  Cotton is intended to use indoors or for short term outdoor use.  If you are going to use the flags outdoors, we recommend you purchasing the nylon material.  Nylon will shed water better and hold up longer during outdoor use.

All of these flags are made in the USA just like they were hundreds of years ago!

We offer quantity discount pricing on the historical flags of the early United States.  Please click on the images above to learn more about these historical flags of the United States.