Blue Star Service Banners


These blue star service banners measure 8″x13″ and is made in the USA!  Comes with a red border and a white background.  They are available with one, two, three, four or five Blue Stars.  You can select the number of stars under the drop down by clicking on the product name below.  Banner is attached to wood dowel with spear tips and yellow tassels and yellow fringe on the bottom of the banner.

This standard is displayed by immediate family members of a person serving in the Armed Forces during a period of war.  The number of stars represents the number of family members or loved ones who are serving in the military.  The family member who is in the Service does not need to be stationed overseas in order for his or her family to display the banner. Organizations and businesses may also display the Service Banner or Flag if they have members serving in the armed forces.

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