Indoor Flag Sets


All of the components of this flag set are made in the USA.  Our indoor American flag sets include a nylon U.S. flag with a choice of plain or with fringe (see images in each category), oak pole, a 8 lb. or 15lb. elite weighted stand, tassel and a 6-1/2″ gold aluminum flying eagle.  The flags are designed for indoor use and are made with high-gloss densely embroidered stars and sewn stripes.  The pole hem flag is flannel lined with mounting tabs to mount onto the pole.  Don’t forget to add the optional flag spreader to the set that spreads that flag out to give it a more prominent display (see images in each category).  These sets are perferct for use in your business, church, school, courthouse and more.  If you are interested in a flag set for your state, give us a call and we can help you out.  The state flag option is available at the same price as the American flag set and includes all of the same components (Except for the 2 1/2′ x 4′ flag set).

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