Spinner Tangle Free Flagpoles


Perfect pole for your home or apartment.  These flagpoles have bearings on the top half of the flagpole that allows the flagpole to rotate with the flag so it reduces the tangling you typically will see with a stationary flagpole.  Includes a ball top, two flag fastener rings (for use with heading and grommeted flags).  Also includes a swivel snap that is used for displaying a streamer banner.  Comes in three different color options to best match the decor of your house or apartment building.

You also have the option to add a solar light to the top of your spinner pole.  This will allow you to fly your U.S. flag at night by providing good illumination.  The solar light turns on during the night and off during the day.  Check out the spinner pole solar light or you can select to add one from the drop down menu under the description and color for each pole.

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