Continental Series


Continental Vertical Wall Mount Flagpoles

The Continental line up of vertical wall mount flagpoles is great for your commercial application for flagpoles that need to be mounted above the roofline.  Great for stadiums, buildings and more.  These flagpoles come with everything you will need for install.  Includes pole, rope, gold aluminum ball and mounting brackets.  The mounting brackets do not come with the wall fasteners due to the differences in wall size and thickness.  This is the strongest wall mount flagpole we have available.  Flagpole comes with a 4″-5.5″ base depending on the model to stand up to high wind conditions.

The Continental line of vertical flagpoles is great for a lot of commercial applications.  They have reinforced walls and a thicker base to hold up in higher wind areas

Go ahead and place your order online and we will call you with a quote for shipping typically the same day or the following business day.  These flagpoles ship via motor freight so the cost is constantly fluctuating.  When we call you with the quote you can still cancel at that time.  Most flagpoles are available to ship within 1-3 business days.  If you are ordering a pole that has a colored finish, please expect a delay in the shipping time frame.  Typically these kind of poles take 2-4 weeks for shipment.

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