Avenue of Flagpoles


The avenue of flagpoles are a great way to honor Veterans at your local cemetery or any display around your town.  These flagpoles are all proudly made right in the U.S.A.  On Memorial Day or any other special holidays, the poles and flags can be displayed as a great way to show support for our fallen Veterans.  Martin’s Flag was the company that first started this tradition and we are proud of the way this has honored our fallen Veterans.  Call us at 800-992-3524 for more information.

Ground Sockets are normally cemented into the ground for easy installation of the pole and flag at the local cemetery or other location.  When not in use, the poles and flags are removed from the ground socket and are taken apart for easy storage and a cap is placed over the ground socket (cap included with the flagpole).  The U.S. flag is mounted onto the top section of the pole with eye bolts and plastic snaps and can be left on during storage.  DO NOT PUT WET FLAGS INTO STORAGE.  Allow to dry before storing.

You can place your order online and we will call you with a shipping quote.  You will be charged standard rates and oversized shipping rates apply so there will be additional shipping charges on top of what you pay during checkout.

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