25 Foot Telescoping Flagpoles

martin'sflagThe 25 Foot telescoping flagpole has the ability to extend to 10,15, 20 or 25 foot heights depending upon the number of sections you want to raise.  They are Made in the USA of high quality aluminum so rest assured you are getting a high quality flagpole.  The 25 foot pole is a great size flagpole to use for both residential and lighter commercial use.  It comes with everything you will need to install your flagpole as well as the gold ball that goes on top.  You can choose to fly one or two flags from this flagpole.  We recommend a 4×6 Foot Nylon Reinforced American Flag or 4×6 Foot Polyester Reinforced American Flag to fly on your flagpole (sold separately).  You also have the option to order a solar light to go with the flagpole in order to comply with the flag code if you are going to be flying your flag at night.  We recommend either the Annin Solar Flagpole Light or the Uncommon Solar Flagpole Light.  Please see the flagpole options below for further descriptionc, specs and pricing.

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