Outdoor Nylon Standard


Nylon flags have beauty and exceptional flyability and are all made in the USA.  Flags come with a lock stitched fly end and chain stitched seams.  The difference between this nylon outdoor flag and the reinforced nylon flag is that the reinforced flag comes with lock stitching on the seams and fly ends.  These outdoor nylon American flags are great for residential use and low wind areas.

Nylon flags shed water better than any other material offered, thus allowing them to fly well even in the rain.  These nylon flags are made with a heavy grade densely woven nylon that is very durable and attractive.  Flags come with embroidered and sewn stripes along with a polyester canvas heading and brass grommets.  Exceptional quality, great flyability and the ability to shed water quickly make this a tough flag to beat!  Available in select sizes only.

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